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Totally Memphis Interview

Check out the Totally Memphis website for their interview of yours truly. A very special thanks goes out to Irina McGuire for such a great article and all her hard work on the Totally Memphis website. Make sure you visit the site for the latest scoop on what’s happening in and around Memphis!

Here are a few questions from her interview:

What is your background in the creative industry?

I graduated from Harding University with degrees in Interactive Media and graphic design. I’ve worked as an Associate Designer for Perdue Creative for the last four years and am now pursuing a career as a freelance designer. I have earned two gold Addy Awards and five silver Addy Awards for my work at Perdue Creative.

Has there been a particular project or client you found to be the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career was developing the campaign for PGAMA to educate people on how printing more can actually help grow trees. The campaign was launched in Washington DC and included smaller items, such as lapel pins and shirts, as well as larger transit ads. A website was also developed as the major source of informing the public about the campaign:

Where do you see the future for design professionals?

Design is a dialogue. It’s a unique conversation that happens between the artist and the observer. As technology continues to develop, the manner in which this conversation takes place will change significantly. The goal for future design professionals will be to help construct the language that allows us to interpret and perceive our world.

What kind of successes have you had in recent years? Have there been any moments where you thought of pursuing another career?

(For successes, read first answer regarding Addy Awards)
Like many designers, I’ve had moments in my career when opportunities (such as moving to a foreign country to teach English) seemed more enticing than working in a stuffy cubicle. However, I have always had an innate desire to create. I receive an enormous sense of satisfaction upon completion of a job well-done for a client. It’s what keeps my pen to the sketchbook.

Who or what were your influences in design as you grew up and went through design education?

I was influenced heavily by David Carson, Saul Bass, Ellen Lupton and Jason Santa Maria. Much of my influence at an early age came through album art and band posters. I credit my love of natural, earthy materials to summers spent in New Mexico admiring art and architecture.

What advice would you offer to someone who is looking to become a graphic designer?

My advice for someone who is looking to become a graphic designer is to always keep yourself open to new experiences that can help shape you and your work. Push yourself and continually develop your talents as a designer. Be open to constructive criticism and, above all else, do good work that will help meet your clients’ needs.

What’s your alter ego?

My alter ego would probably be a member of a British rock band.

Any other talents?

Identifying plants and insects. Rooting out new music and sharing it with friends.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Justin. It was my pleasure to interview you. You are one of the best ones! ;)

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