Weaving Your Website's Content

Weaving Your Web – Content

One of my favorite design articles of all time comes from a HOW Magazine piece titled “Rock Your Website” by Lisa Baggerman Hazen. It’s full of  solid advice to help novices and pros alike assess their web-related goals. For instance, at some point in your career you may have asked yourself if it was necessary for an individual to even have a website. Those days are long gone. Today the question isn’t whether or not a site is needed but how you plan to use it (assuming you do have one, of course). In context of self-promotion, your website is the most important and effective tool you possess. Ask yourself when was the last time you updated your website’s presence?

Simply having a website is no longer enough. It must be a dynamic destination that acts as a bold advocate on behalf of your design business. — Lisa Baggerman Hazen

The “set it and forget it” philosophy for website (mis)management is a thing of the past. It’s time to adapt, people. Darwin’s rules are applicable in this survival of the fittest struggle to maintain a dynamic web presence. Generating new content is one way of adding dynamic presence and also attributes value to your website. Keeping content fresh and relevant often translates into positive equity for online visitors. The first step in staying current is to develop a solid content strategy. Developing a content strategy is nothing more than deciding what kinds of content you plan to keep on your site. By making content the main priority, you help inform both navigation and design.

Think of your website as an extension of your personal brand—a handshake—to those whom you have yet to meet. What does your website say about you? Is it clean and concise or clunky and confusing? Be sure to consider your audience and their perspective as you begin to weave your website. Over time, developing content  can even give you the opportunity to position yourself as a leader in your field. With a little work you too can refine your website’s content structure and be well on your way to a great website that is an important asset to you and/or your business.

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